Billing-A/R-Cash Receipts

  • Create and send invoices to clients
  • Automated reports to monitor aging A/R
  • Post receipts to customer accounts
  • Record deposits
  • Record AJEs for accrued revenue

Purchases-A/P-Cash Disbursements

  • Enter vendor bills and classify appropriately
  • Push vendor A/P and cash requirement reports to management
  • Pay or enable payment of bills to vendors by the due date
  • Reconcile vendor statements
  • Issue 1099’s each year


  • Myofficeops interfaces with the provider client use
  • Onboard and terminate employees in the payroll system; maintain employee files
  • Accumulate hours and other data for submission
  • Submit payroll at periodic intervals
  • Record payroll entries in the general ledger

Financial Reporting and Other

  • Print basic internal financial statements monthly; distribute to management
  • Record any necessary AJE’s
  • Reconcile all bank statements
  • Remit sales tax / submit periodic report


  • Myofficeops provides Client staff accountants dedicated to their account
  • Flat monthly fees (no hourly)
  • Manager oversight and review