At myofficeops, we have a very specific way of working together to maximize our relationship.

  1. Agree that we are a fit
    Before we begin working together, it is important that we both agree that by working with myofficeops, we can bring value to your business as our accounting outsource partner.  We do that by conducting a free assessment.
  2. Begin exploratory process for your business
    Once we agree to work together, myofficeops experts begin the process of taking a deep dive to learn about your business.  In addition to handling your day-to-day financial transactions, we apply our expert knowledge to assessing your finances and offering recommendations.
  3. Agree on the levers that are important to your business
    In order to move your business forward, it is critical to focus on the elements that give your business the best return on investment.  We will work together to determine what those are and then we will help keep you laser focused on those elements.
  4. Measure what's important
    At intervals (weekly or monthly) of your choosing, we will share reports that measure your key levers.  The health of your business will be available to you at a glance.  We will also share our recommendations for changes that will have a positive impact.  Of course, your myofficeops team is also available on the phone or video conference to answer any questions you may have!
  5. Review and revise
    Our plan isn't static.  Along the way, we will review your progress and revamp what isn't working and do more of what is.  myofficeops is a true partner for your business.