When talking to owners and operators of growing businesses, I find that there are two indicators that they should seriously consider a partner to manage the back office operations such as financial reporting, IT and HR, of their business.

1.They realize the shouldn’t be doing it themselves

When first starting out, most business owners need to manage their own back office operations to help manage their expenses.  But as the business grows, these operations become more time consuming and complex.  This leads many owners to investigating the need for a partner because:

  • The owner is spending so much time in the back office operation, they can no longer focus and spend time on those things that grew the business in the first place, or
  • The details of the back office become complex enough that the owner is not confident that he or she can complete them effectively AND analyze and use the information to make smarter business decisions

2.Acceptance of hosting their information in the cloud

The success of what we do is based on our client’s accepting that much of our work is done and hosted in the cloud.  We still use the phone and video conferencing to pass on our recommendations to move your business forward, but this makes us more efficient and effective.

If this sounds like you, give us a call at 610-455-4259, or set up your free assessment with myofficeops to see if a back office operations partner is right for you.