Whether you’re getting a refund or owe a little bit more, tax time is a painful reminder of just how much we pay to federal, state and local governments – all for the privilege of running a business!

If you are like most who own or operate a business, you spent a lot of time figuring out how to minimize the amount of tax you will pay.  To be truly effective at doing this, tax and financial planning needs to be a year-round activity and not just take place in a rush leading up to midnight on April 15.

This is where myofficeops as an outsource accounting and payroll partner comes in.  Not only do we take care of your day-to-day financial and payroll transactions, but we work with you year-round to minimize your business tax liability.

We do this more effectively then a bookkeeper or tax preparer by:

  • Already knowing our clients’ books and tax situation well ahead of tax deadlines.  As such, the process for the client is much more efficient.
  • Including the cost of preparing taxes in the typical monthly fee structure so there are no bumps in your budget
  • Preparing and planning for and effectively communicating quarterly estimated payments so there are no surprises

Partnering with myofficeops throughout the year will allow us to advise you on how to minimize what your taxes, all while relieving the burden of trying to figure it out yourself!

For a free personalized assessment, contact us online or at 610-455-4259.